whjc360  Gazebo Rain Cover Tent

whjc360 Gazebo Rain Cover Tent

changing innovations, one of which being our patented wheel system. Although it is one of our simplest innovations, it is also one of the most popular amongst our clients. Extensive research has clearly shown that although aluminium-folding marquees are relatively light and easy to transport, they are difficult to move from one place to another. Even some of the smaller marquees can easily weigh 30 kilograms or more. Carry bags can be fitted with wheels to assist in moving portable folding marquees, however, due to the small size of the bag wheels, it can still be difficult to move the marquee, especially if it is one of the larger models. Our marquee wheel system is by far one of the most convenient modifications that we have made to our ranges, making transport, setting up and closing easier than ever before!

o    Makes transporting, setting up and closing super easy

o    Increase marquee practicality in outdoor and indoor settings

o    Wheels are structurally reinforced

o    Wheels are steer independantly

o    Locking capabilities to assure the marquee is secure and stable